Using NodeMCU Board to Send Data to WebControl IoT Platform


@Vasil Vasilev 587 days ago provide an integrated solution for Home Automation/Home monitoring and controlling. It offers data gathering, triggers and analytics in a friendly user interface.

We use NodeMCU with ESP8266 inboard because it is an Open-source, Interactive, Programmable, Low cost, Simple, Smart, WI-FI enabled device, to monitor different types of sensors.

-   DHT libraries -
- Quick start to NodeMCU ESP8266 on Arduino IDE -

NodeMCU pinout:

NodeMCU pinout

To use NodeMCU, you have first to create the sensor in Control Panel.
You have to navigate in menu "Configuration" -> "Controllers" -> and click on + next to Inputs section:

Webcontrol Sensors section

For the NodeMCU module, you need to select the module type - "NodeMCU", write some description and to add the IP of the module. We are making requests to the module and base on the rules/triggers that you have configured, the platform is starting some job.

After the module is created, you can download the arduino file and deploy the script on this module. This is happening with button "Download arduino file":

Webcontrol sensor data configuration

When the program is deployed, you can start the monitoring. The Webcontrol app, that you have already installed on Raspberry device, will check regularly for this device and will take the data from it.

In configuration page, you can configure your Rooms - what devices are in the rooms.
The module can be seen in menu "Dashboard" or "Controllers" - in section "Device Monitoring"  . When you select the created device, you can see the graphics with collected data:

Webcontrol sensor data graphics